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The North of the River Chamber of Commerce advances the general welfare and prosperity of the North of the River citizens and business community within Bakersfield, with a particular attention and emphasis given to the economic, commercial, residential, cultural, and educational interests in the area.

What is the NOR Chamber?

The North of the River Chamber of Commerce is a meeting place for NOR Business owners and patrons. Our mission is to help businesses in the Rosedale, Norris, Fruitvale, and Oildale areas network and prosper. But, you don’t have to own a business in the NOR area to join. We serve all of Kern County and would love to make your acquaintance!

Our Valued Community Partners

94 Years & Over 100 Members

Serving Bakersfield Business Since 1928

The North of the River Chamber of Commerce has a rich history dating back to 1928, originally founded as the North of the River Club. Over the years, the organization has evolved to meet the changing needs of the local business community. Today, the Chamber is home to numerous members and is dedicated to advancing the economic, commercial, residential, cultural, and educational interests of the North of the River citizens and business community. The Chamber provides all necessary means of promotion to its members and offers a range of programs and services designed to help businesses thrive. Whether you are located in the Oildale area or the growing Bakersfield suburb of Rosedale, or anywhere in Kern County, the North of the River Chamber of Commerce welcomes businesses that share its dedication, passion, and enthusiasm for expanding business and employment opportunities in the region.

Board Members

Meet the talented and dedicated individuals who make up our board of directors, bringing their expertise and vision to guide our organization toward a brighter future.



Alfred Valenzuela | Executive Copier Solutions



Robert Duchow | SoCalGas



Jasmin LoBasso | NOR Recreation & Park District

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the North of the River Chamber of Commerce, you’ll enjoy a range of valuable benefits designed to help you succeed. Our business networking opportunities provide a platform for connecting with other local business leaders, building relationships, and sharing knowledge. You’ll also have access to our membership directory, chamber webpage, newsletter, and other multimedia resources, which can help you stay informed and connected. Additionally, our event sponsorship opportunities provide powerful marketing exposure for your business, and our regular updates from local elected officials keep you informed about key governmental issues that may impact your business. At the North of the River Chamber of Commerce, we’re committed to providing our members with the tools, resources, and connections they need to thrive.

Application Process

Joining the NOR Chamber of Commerce in 3 Easy Steps:


Choose Your Membership

Start your journey with us by selecting the membership tier that best suits your business needs. We offer a range of options from Individual to Corporate memberships, each designed to provide tailored benefits that help your business grow. Visit our membership tiers section to compare benefits and decide which level aligns with your business goals.


Fill Out Your Membership Application

Once you’ve selected the perfect membership for your business, fill out our straightforward online application. This form will ask for basic business details, contact information, and a few specifics about what you hope to achieve with your membership. Completing this form is quick and easy, and it’s the first step toward a wealth of resources and connections.


Attend an Orientation

After submitting your application, we’ll invite you to attend our exclusive membership orientation. This virtual or in-person session is your opportunity to meet fellow members, gain in-depth knowledge about the Chamber’s services, and understand how to make the most of your membership. The orientation is designed to ensure you start benefiting from your membership right away.