Business Spotlight: South Valley Economic Development Coalition


When Dave Wolin sold his L.A. area p.r firm in 2008, he looked around the west, ready to move and retire. While all his friends were moving to Vegas, Prescott and more exotic locales, Dave chose Bakersfield for a number of reasons; Bakersfield and Kern County was the center of auto racing in the state, the focus of Dave’s business for many years, offered all the amenities of a big city with a small town atmosphere and still was close enough to Los Angeles to attend those necessary  auto industry business meetings.


Discovering that Kern County was a well kept secret to those south of the Grapevine, Dave formed the non profit South Valley Economic Development Coalition with the goal of assisting in relocating Southern California businesses to Kern County; keeping them from moving out of state.


To date almost two dozen businesses, primarily in the automotive high performance and racing industry have relocated to Kern, with help from the South Valley Economic Development Coalition, bringing jobs and tax dollars.


This year, in light of Covid 19 limits on travel and business meetings, Dave built a new hot rod and written some magazine articles and a book and is looking forward to getting back to normal in 2021